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Of Alphabets and Numbers

I have sometimes seen reviews of books which complain about the lack of a detailed index.  It is even something I have (privately) moaned about in the past:  it is difficult to find information if the index is not up to scratch.

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Aetius: Make It Real

One of the most exciting moments as an author, second only to receiving copies of a new book, is when your editor sends an email with the draft image of the new book’s cover.  So you can imagine my excitement when an email with the following attachment arrived in my inbox.

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In response to one public – and several private – requests, here are a few snippets from reviews of Belisarius and Stilicho:


“It is a good narrative / chronological history of this enigmatic figure Belisarius with an emphasis on analyzing the battles from a strategic / tactical point of view: in short a picture of Belisarius as a general.” Click here to read more »

Spare change, anyone?

Hi all, welcome to the blog.

I love writing.  The trouble is, writing about Late Antiquity is only just becoming ‘acceptable’.  Even twenty years ago there were few writers who were interested in the period, thanks in large part to the dearth of reliable sources and the focus on the Early Empire.  As a result, the period was seen as a ‘minority’ subject and so textbooks and sources were extremely difficult to find. Click here to read more »