I’m only here thanks to luck

Before the question is asked, this post isn’t just addressing the fact that I’m still here after the cancer.  However, it is here because of the after-effects of the illness:  a bout of self-analysis!  When I look back at my life so far I’m filled with a sense of amazement.  In short, how can somebody from a stereotyped British ‘deprived’ family have ended up writing for a living?  The only possible reason is luck, augmented by the actions of some form of ‘Guardian Angel’ – mine is pictured on the right.  (If you are not a Christian, please use an equivalent based upon your own beliefs.)

In case you are interested/fascinated/intrigued/bloody nosey*, I was brought up in a single-parent family in a council house in Burnley.  (For our cousins in the US, it is hard to describe the term ‘council house’, although ‘social housing’ comes close.  They are houses/flats owned by the government, run by local councils, usually at lower rents for people with low incomes.  If the person involved is unemployed, the government ‘welfare’ can supplement/pay the rent outright.  The British television drama ‘Shameless’ was inspired/based on a council estate in Burnley, and the US programme of the same name is a direct derivation.1)

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Back in the Groove?

First, let me make my traditional apology for not posting for a while.  My excuse?  Family bereavement, the usual medical tests, and, of course, the indexing for ‘Patricians and Emperors’. Click here to read more »

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