First, let me apologize for the delay in writing a new post. This is due to my waiting for results and conversations with hospitals and surgeons. Hopefully, things will now begin to move a little quicker than over the last six months.

Yes, it is six months since I had the PSA test which confirmed my worst fears: the score had gone up to 0.2, meaning that I was to be referred back to the hospital. However, I was also informed that the score had been 0.2 the year before, but there had been an administrative error and I had not been referred back in 2019, as should have been the case. Obviously, this left me rather confused, a fact not helped by my first referral being to the Urology department at Barnsley, where I was informed that the specialist would not worry until my score was 0.4. However, as the surgeon at Sheffield had specifically stated 0.2, he would be contacting Sheffield.

I then waited until just before Christmas for the surgeon at Sheffield to contact me. He stated that he wanted me to have a test run by Sheffield to confirm the score, as Sheffield’s tests are more accurate. If the score was, indeed, 0.2, he would be recommending radiation therapy. It was at this stage that I pointed out that my score had been 0.2 in September 2019, which confused him as much as it had me: with Prostate cancer, it is to be expected that the PSA result will double every three-to-six months. He was baffled, but we decided that a new test would still be the best way forward. After further delays, in early March I had another blood test.

Yesterday I received the result of the test through the post. Apparently, it has remained at 0.2 for a further 6 months. This means that for the last 18 months my PSA score has been at 0.2. My first feelings are that, as the score has ‘remained static’ (the hospital’s phrasing), the first signs are that the cancer has NOT returned!

I’m now waiting for a phone call from the surgeon to discuss ‘where we go from here’. To be honest, I don’t know what to expect. It is obvious that something is happening, but it is also obvious that it is not an aggressive, life-threatening cancer – yet. I am expecting/hoping that an agreement will be reached where I go for more regular testing – say every six months, rather than every year – but I am dreading him saying that he still wants me to have radiation therapy. As anyone who knows me knows, I can be a stubborn bugger, and I can see us having a face-off where I refuse to have radiation treatment, simply because I can see it causing more problems than the ‘cancer’.

On the other hand, it is also dawning on me that if the cancer HAS returned, it is in no way a threat to life and health at this low level, so I should be good for a few years yet! Given the current climate regarding Coronavirus and lockdowns, I think I can live with that! When more news becomes available, I will post it here.

Good luck, stay healthy and take care!!