Over the last five years the results of my PSA tests have given me cause for comfort and hope that the cancer had gone for good. Sadly, my latest test has shown an increase and I have been referred back to the hospital.

In line with my earlier page describing the events surrounding my prostatectomy, I feel it may be of use to describe events surrounding the latest developments.

The first thing to note is that I received the latest result two days ago. For those in a similar position, my test result was 0.2 and in the original notes for the case I am to be referred if the score goes above 0.1. Obviously, in different parts of the country/world the scores acted upon are different, and it may be that some readers are wondering why I am posting this with such a low score, but the concept that the cancer is back is affecting me more than the original diagnosis. Consequently, it has taken me two days to come to terms with the knowledge that everything now starts again.

This brings me back to the reason for the post. ‘Everything’ may be starting again, but I do not know what ‘everything’ is. The result was on a Friday, today is Sunday (13/09/2020) so I have to wait until tomorrow (Monday) to find out what the hospital says about the next move – selfishly, the people in charge are having the weekend off!* I have no idea what t expect.

For anyone else going through the same process, or who is worried in case the same happens to them, I am planning to update this page as events unfold. Hopefully, it will be a page that expands over the coming decades and so gives hope and reassurance to other PC sufferers.

In the meantime, being a pessimist, I am preparing myself for the worst. That way, I am unlikely to be caught out by bad news. Obviously, I am hoping to post something positive tomorrow in the wake of contact with the hospital. Until then, stay safe and remain healthy!

*Please note that this is a joke: it is just typical of my luck that the result was on a Friday!