The text of ‘Constantine’ is complete. I am now waiting for volunteer readers (thanks to all!) to return chapters to me with recommendations, clarifications and corrections. The maps for ‘Constantine’ are complete. They have been drawn and are ready for export into a format the publisher can use. I am still searching for some useable photographs for the plates section, but as this is not the hardest task on my ‘to-do list’, I am not worried. I have even sorted out the alphabetical list for the Index. Yes, I’ve been busy!

All together, I think I have probably two days of work left before I finish the book and the text is sent off to the publisher. Hopefully, if all goes to plan, the book may be out some time next year.

However, with only two days of work left I am looking towards the next contractual obligation. This will – hopefully! – be a smaller book on one of the lesser–known names in Late Antiquity. It will also – and this is important, at least to me – fill the one remaining gap between ‘Stilicho’ and the last chapters of ‘Patricians and Emperors’.

Constantius III is probably unknown to all but the most well-versed in Late Roman History. As usual, I will try my best to approach this new subject with an open mind, casting aside all prejudices and pre-conceived opinions. No guarantees, of course!

In some ways, especially in regards to the duration of his appearance on the scene (less than a decade), this should not be a hard book to write. In others, especially with regards to the poor quality of the sources and the ensuing contradictions concerning his life, it could easily turn into a nightmare.

Whatever the case, I will do my utmost to ensure it takes less time to write than ‘Constantine’. Surely it can’t take longer ….