In the weeks before Christmas I was hoping to finish at least one chapter of the new book. In that way I would be ahead of myself and be able to take things easy over Christmas and the New Year.
No such luck. Two weeks before sitting here and typing this I went out in the evening to play football as usual. Sadly for me, a heavy challenge saw me hit the floor with some force, resulting in a broken clavicle, two broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Painful, but I’m slowly recovering.  Sadly, however, this was all on my right-hand side and, as I’m almost totally right-handed, it is only now that I’m beginning to type faster than one word a minute. Not good for a writer!
The only upside is that I’m now feeling frustrated and want to get back on with the writing. So after the New Year I’m planning on really getting to grips with the military reforms of Diocletian and Constantine I. How far into January depends on health and the results of further, follow-up hospital visits. Wish me luck!