I am pleased and grateful to announce that I have finally sent the script of ‘Attila’ to the publisher. Must admit that I really dislike the final jobs prior to the manuscript being delivered – for example:  checking that the manuscript has the chapters in the right order;  that the maps have been included and that the coding for the placement of the maps is in place;  and that the plates are included, along with the correct captions and the coding for the order of the plates.  I also assemble the index prior to the manuscript going, as in that way when the draft of the printed version arrives I’m good to go with the indexing.  All little jobs which get in the way of the book being a finished project.

Now I’ve taken a day off before starting on the next project.  And I think I’m now allowed to mention it at last.  This is because the concept behind the publisher’s idea is that I’ve still got a head start on any other publishers who may be trying to pinch the idea.  The next book is going to be – at least if I stick to the plan! – an assessment of Constantine I as a general.  Included will an analysis of his battles, as well as an attempt to disentangle the information concerning the major military reforms that took place under either Diocletian or Constantine – or both.   Not an easy task, but I’m game for a laugh!

The information is scattered and open to different interpretations, so no doubt within a month or two the laughter will have stopped and the stress levels will have rocketed!  If I don’t post on here for quite a while you know why!  Who’d be a writer?