Following on from my last post, for those not in the know I listed there my favourite options for guitar ‘tone’ switching.  When dealing with double humbucker guitars such as Gibson Les Pauls, I’ve been forced to admit that the only tonal options which I now prefer are simply a reverse phase for the neck humbucker and a coil split for both.

Readers of the earlier post will also remember that Owen had ‘abandoned’ his own guitars in preference for a black ‘Frankenstrat’ made from parts bought off the internet, coupled with a ‘mad’ wiring scheme from Warman Guitars.  They may also remember that Owen had changed due to the black guitar’s lack of weight.

However, his own latest orange guitar – pictured right, though the photo does not do the guitar justice – does indeed include the tonal options listed above, namely push-pull switches to give both pickups in single coil mode and the neck in reverse polarity mode.  But let’s be fair:  his orange guitar, which is a kit I bought him as a Christmas present, is a far prettier object.  It came without the usual pre-drilled holes for the T-O-M bridge and tailpiece, which allowed me to fit a Warman bigsby-style bridge, as well as the by-now traditional Warman pickups.

Mind you, it weighs a ton ….