First of all, let me say a quick thank you to all of the people who have sent messages of support regarding my illness. It has been very, very much appreciated. I didn’t know so many people read my blog!

My most recent news is that I went into Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital on Friday 7 March for a “Robotic Radical Prostatectomy”. Although I was due out on Saturday, typically there were complications and I was kept in until Monday. However, I am now back home and slowly recovering from my ‘ordeal’. The incisions appear to be healing nicely and hopefully on Monday (17 March) the staples will be removed – which will be a relief: the whole area itches like crazy.

At present I have only two reasons for complaining. One is that I tire very easily, which is why at the moment I am only allowed on the computer for short periods, usually no longer than four minutes (though typing this has taken much longer – I’m going to be in trouble with Jo!)

The second is easy to understand for all men. Tubes should not go there. They simply shouldn’t! When I am walking I look like a 90-year-old man with bladder problems! And it has to be left in for a fortnight. Two weeks! Fourteen days!! Will this torment never end?

Yes, alright, “it will end after fourteen days”. I know that. It’s just that as far as I am concerned that’s a very, very long time in the future …