Hi all

First let me apologize for my absence recently: this has been simply due to the high work load.  First, I was copyediting and drawing maps – after all, a man’s got to live! – and I have only recently begun work on ‘Patricians’. Sadly, this too has now been delayed, although this time there is a good reason for the said interruption:  I am proofreading ‘Valentinian and Valens’.  The book is advertised as appearing “in all good bookshops” from 30 August, so I suppose I must get on with the job …

This is one of the two lesser-known ‘evils’ of writing books.  Having to proofread your own book can be painful.  After months of forgetfulness the book arrives and you begin reading what is, in effect, a book you don’t remember writing.  At this point you have to turn into a critic and go through the book word-by-word, which can be a pretty horrific experience. In fact, if you have read any of my previous posts you should know that the other ‘evil’, which is worse and something I still have to look forward to, is the ‘indexing’ at the end.  (As Yoda would say, “Filled with joyful anticipation I am not”.) Still, if the book is to be published before Christmas, I’ll just have to get on with it!

Anyway, enough of the prevaricating …desperta-ferro-n-17-la-segunda-guerra-punica-en-iberia

There is another reason for the post, apart from my perpetual whinging:

It is with great pleasure that I announce my arrival on the ‘International’ scene, with an article in the Spanish magazine ‘Desperta Ferro’.

Now before you ask, I have not suddenly become an amazing linguist with an incredible ability to render my words into Spanish – sorry to disappoint.  The article was submitted and then translated into Spanish by an anonymous linguistic genius.  (I have enough trouble reading my own stuff in English:  you have to feel sorry for the translator!) If you are either a multilinguist who can speak/read Spanish or an intelligent person of the Spanish persuasion I hope that you enjoy the article.

As part of the deal I was sent a copy of the magazine in question.  This issue is mainly concerned with those aspects of the Second Punic War related to/fought in Spain.  It certainly looks impressive:  the quality of the illustrations and maps is excellent and the stature of the authors (myself excluded – and no, I’m not being modest:  buy one and have a look at the number of professors etc. contributing!) is outstanding.

Oh dear, I can see another expense coming on:  I wonder how much it is to learn Spanish at the local college … ?

Er, ‘Limosna para los pobres’?