One of the most exciting moments as an author, second only to receiving copies of a new book, is when your editor sends an email with the draft image of the new book’s cover.  So you can imagine my excitement when an email with the following attachment arrived in my inbox.

In my humble opinion, this is a good-looking cover, and will sit nicely on my bookshelf alongside my two previous books.

The only difficulty I have is one that has been with me ever since I was asked to write ‘Belisarius’.  (Just before Christmas 2006  – good present, wasn’t it?)  The fact that I’m writing books still doesn’t seem real.  I know that I wrote the manuscripts for these books:  I can remember doing it.  But there is no connection in my mind between what I wrote and the books now sitting on my shelves.

Although I sometimes think that this is odd, conversations with other writers have made me realise that this is not uncommon.  Yet I hope that I never lose the feeling of disbelief.  Should I ever start taking my writing for granted, I’ll know I have lost the plot.

Should that happen, I might as well just start writing romantic novels for Mills and Boon.  “Slowly, she began to peel the shoulder strap of her dress …”

Then again, maybe not!